At first it's an injection moulding challenge.Now it's a benchmark for medical technologies.

At first it's impossible.Then we make it out of plastic.

Comprehensive branch competencies

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Medical Devices

We develop highly precise and steady clean solutions individually for our customers.
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Kunststoff Christel is your perfect partner for large scale productions when homogenity and haptic counts.
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Building Technologies

Customer specific solutions for building installations and technical devices on the highest level.
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Long lasting and beneficial solutions for Industry, mechanical and measuring engineering.

Injection Moulding Competences for Medical Devices

We have been developing plastic parts and subassemblies together with our customers for medical devices for many years.

The parts produced for customer specific solutions have reached smallest dimensions while still fullfilling highest requirements. Our production processes are validated and our cleanroom classified level 7 is verified according to ISO 14644. Our framework of competences reaches from two component processes and internal gas preasure technology to fully assembled, individual packed, steriliesed and verified plastic parts.

The production of housings, visual parts and translucent parts made of perspex are part of our portfolio as well as the subassembly by pad printing, laser isncriptions and soft touch surface finishes. We can cover most areas of medical technologies by using special material containing protection against flammability or chemical resistance as well as bio compability.

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Is the most beneficial solution for your requirement injection moulding?

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The perfect tool and the best process for your plastic solution.

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Clean Room

High quanity injection moulding while guaranteeing consistant high quality.

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We deliver reliable and on time: just in time or just in sequence

Scratch and blood resistent

Your solution benefits from injection molding?

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