At first ist a injection molding challenge.Now it's a benchmark for automotive.

At first it's impossible.Then we make it out of plastics.

Comprehensive branch competencies

Branchenkompetenz Medizintechnik

Medical Devices

We develop highly precise and steady clean solutions individually for our customers.
Branchenkompetenz Automotive


Kunststoff Christel is your perfect partner for large scale productions when homogenity and haptic counts.
Branchenkompetenz Haustechnik

Building Technologies

Customer specific solutions for building installations and technical devices on the highest level
Branchenkompetenz Industrie


Long lasting and beneficial solutions for the industry, mechanical engineering and measuring technologies.

Specialist for high quality 2K parts

We have been a realiable partner for large-scale productions for many years now. Automotive manufacturer, OEM partners and suppliers trust Kunststoff Christel with the production of high quality injection moulding parts.

We are a specilist in multi component injection molding and provide special solutions for the automotive industry. Our complex 2 component parts are beeing installed into the cars interior. These parts comply the highest standards regarding quality, homogenity and haptivs of microstructures.

The transparent or translucent components and prisms often have functions regarding light scattering, light guiding, light conducting or as lenses. Furthermore we can also provide large sized but light weight parts with low disortion. These visible parts have scratch resistant characteristics without visible fibre glas marks. All together, they fullfill class A requirements regarding the surface structure.

Branchenkompetenz - Beratung


Is the most beneficial solution for your requirement injection moulding?

Branchenkompetenz - Konstruktion


The right tool and the perfect process for your injection molding solution.

Branchenkompetenz - Fertigung


High quanity injection moulding while guaranteeing consistant high quality.

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We deliver reliable and on time: Just in Time or Just in Sequence

Injection Moulding for Large Scale Productions

Certified quality in all procedures and processes

We also docoment our demand to quality through our continuous improvement processes

Your Automotive Solution is Injection Moulding!

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