Customized Solutions made of Partnership and Know-How

We value a close, trusting and personal coorporation with our customers. This is how we create successfull customized solutions, optimal aligned with the individual technical and economical requirements.

Locally Embedded - Worldwide in Demand

Kunststoff Christel is a local, family owned business and at the same time a world wide operating supplier of multi component injection moulding, subassemblies and tool building. Our solutions are used in various industries like medical technology, automotive, saftey technology, installations and devices.

Diversity - A Major Ingridient of Success

Companies from various branches trust in our know-how. Our product range includes microparts with a weighting 0,01 gramms produced in our clean room as well as large-scale serial productions of parts with up to 5 kilogrammes.

Development and Production in Bad Dürrheim

We invest in our location and rely on quality made in Germany. Our global competivness stands out when it comes to technical challenging implementations of highest quality. We are in close contact with different universities, machine manufacturers and material application consultants - all in order to strenghthen this position.

That's what you can expect from us.

We Take on Responsibility

We are aware of the resposibilities we have towards our customers, employees and their families. This consciousness can be found in our sustainable actions and the careful usage of natural reccources.

Our goal as a family company are financial independency and the trust of our employees.

We are Curious

We are open to innovations and bound to proven experiences. A joint added value is created by our innovative attitude towards the tasks represented by our customers.

We are Reliable

By having transparent and consistent workflows, we can secure our processflows. The strict compliance of these processes and workflows are always monitored and controlled.

We hold up to made confirmations internally and externally.

We Are One Team

Every single one of our employees experiences appreciation. We work together in a partner-like, goal oriented and objective environment.

The structural development of our employees is the foundation for our success.


Years since founding

successfully on the market

Part sizes

from 0,01 Grams up to 5000 Grams


build since founding

We Process Quality Materials, No Cheap Plastic

The raw material beeing used to make the different parts used in our production is made of chemical processed natural recources like mineral oil, coal, natural gas or even of renewable plants.

We are aware that these fossil raw materials only have a limited availability. Many plastics are resistant to environmental impacts and biological degradation, meaning, they can not be processed by nature. Due to this fact, we try to only use raw materials sorted to accuracy and therefore allowing an easier recycle process.

Additionally, the thermoplastics used in our production need less energy to process, glue, weld or reform than metals that are normally being used.

Our high quality products are co-responsible for safety and technology in the automotive industry as well as future oriented medical solutions. They all are being recycled or disposed accordingly and environmental friendly.


2019 - Rebranding Kunststoff Christel

We have revised our branding in an innovative and contemporary way and are presenting ourselves with a new appearance and a new logo.

Reinraum der Klasse 7

2013 - Clean room

Commissioning of the clean room with classification 7

2004 - Change of Generations

Rainer Christel becomes CEO

2001 - New Construction of Tool- and Gauge Building Department

We are growing.

Another new building and relocation to today's tool shop.

1999 - Annex of High-Bay Warehouse

The extension of today's high-bay warehouse as the tallest building in the industrial area in Bad Dürrheim.

1980 - Introduction of New Production Processes

As early as the early 80s, we were already producing two-component parts with high-tech machines.

1973 - New Plant in the Industrial Park

New Plant in industrial park of Bad dürrheim at our location Carl-Friedrich-Benz-Straße 6

1960 - Founding of the Kunststoff Christel

Founding by Hans Christel and his wife Gertrud in their garage in the Von-Eichendorff-Weg in Bad Dürrheim.

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