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At first it's impossible.Then we make it out of plastic.

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At first it's impossible.Then we make it out of plastic.

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At first it's impossible.Then we make it out of plastic.

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At first it's impossible.Then we make it out of plastic.

Injection Moulding: Strong Performances and best Opportunities


Your Specialist for Injection Moulding

As your specialist for the production of high precise plastic components, we control the entire production chain: starting with in-depth analyses to construction and injection moulding and assembly.


Advanced ultrasonic joining technology

With three new ultrasonic welding machines we improve our welding process and our technical values regarding our clean room production.

Engaging professionals

As a sustainable and sucessfull company as well as one of Bad Dürrheims biggest employers, we offer injection moulding professionals the best career opportunities.

Injection Moulding advantages for medical devices

We develop modern, market oriented injection molding parts and assembly groups for medical industries with our longlasting experience.

Many of our well-known customers already include us in their production planing and part construction. This substantiates the trust in our employees and our know-how. In our clean-room of classification 7 we work with qualified and validated injection moulding machinery and lasercutting installations with the highest degree of automation according to ISO 14644.

Comprehnsive Injection Moulding Solutions

Customer Value always comes first.

What is ideal for our customer? We always test new methods and technologies for our turnkey solutions. We then decide about their integration in our processes. We count universities, machine manufacturers and material application consultants to our reliable partners.

Continuous optimization of relevant processes are followed up consistently in order to decrease production cost and further improve our market position.

The tool - essential for success

Thermoplastic inejction moulding is our element. When it comes to precision, quality, performance and efficiency we provide the perfect tool to produce the perfect solution. For this purpose, we build up our internal tool shop which provides perfect possibilities to do so: Starting with the entry data to tool construction and tool bulding up to sampling, we offer everything out of one competent hand.

The Art of Injection Moulding

We understand the art of forming quality out of different granules, adding design and color, fitting for the most diverse industries.
Our customers from branches such as automotive, medical, building and others rightly trust us to provide the best solution made of plastics for their individual projects.

We master our craft: technical injection moulding, multi-component parts and clean room production as well as special processes like gas internal preasure technologies.

High quality assembly of high quality parts

Besides part production in a range from 0,01 grams up to 5 kilograms, we also provide processing and assembly of components. After the injection molding process, the parts are being processed, shaped or printed - semi or fully autmatic.

From laser cutting to labeling and finishing, we provide consistent high quality parts to our customers.