Turnkey Solutions made of Injection Moulding

From enquiries to construction, tool building, injection moulding of the plastic parts and delivery. We offer everything to our customer that makes them successfull with challenging injection moulding parts and assembly groups

Many of our well-known customers already involve us in their construction phase of parts and assembly groups made of injection molding. And it pays off. We fullfill all requirements, from the perfect production of the injection moulding parts up to delivery of fully assemled and tested assembly groups. This also applies to challenging and innovative projects.
Our injection molding machines have locking forces between 15 and 1300 tons. They are all fully connected to an electrical control station. This control station can also archieve and secure the machine parameters.

Using our BPM Software, we design our processes and activities to the last detail as effective and efficient as possible.  
By splitting one major project into multiple smaller projects, every department can do their best in their area of expertise to deliver one overall successfull project.
Obvious advantage to our customer: Our turnkey solutions can be used or applied immediately.

Injection Moulding Competencies

Better than metal

High-performance plastics in combination with an efficient injection process can substitute many parts of metal casts. This allows, depending on the lot size, significant cost and weight advantages. To receive the best outcome possible, you can already involve us in your product development process.

Based on many solutions realized and the possibility to conduct an FEM-Analysis of the parts, you will receive a quick and reliable feeback regarding the feasibility. 

Large Sized Parts

We produce compact injection moulding parts using clamp forces up to 1300 tons. Even in these dimensional areas, the most narrow tolerences are guaranteed.. as well as the best optical and haptical factors possible.

Our solutions for customers in the areas of automotive, medical devices, building installations or other industries prove, that we will fulfill your highest demands even regarding large parts.

Advantages of Transparent Plastics

Transparent plastic parts, how they are required for parts in the automotive industry require extreme conditions regarding accuracy and cleanliness.

Due to the integration of fully automatic parts handlings and highly flexible laser cutting installations used for residue-free and dust-free removal of spreus, we are also able to produce transparent efficient, yet very precisely.

Transparent and Translucent Micro Parts

The proper surface quality of injection molding parts is a question of technical feasibility. A high degree of experience and constructive thinking - during tool cosntruction as well as during part production - is determining to success. We fulfill these demands using our knowledge of handling transparent and translucent parts and raw materials.

In this area, we also provide extensive know-how for realising special micro structures and finest prisms. To round this up, our 100% control via camera systems guarantees the planned and expected outcome.

Enduring Higher Demands

High-temperature plastics, also called high-performance plastics, offer exceptional rigidity, high stability and great hydrolosis resistance. Even over a wide range of temperatures, high-performance plastics are able to keep there characteristics. Additionaly, they provide a remarkable resistance against chemicals while, at the same time, being transparent.

This spectrum of characteristics offers a great range of potential utilizations. When it comes to processing these hightech plastics we offer major experience and lots of know how.

Variety of possibilities to injection moulding

Greater Freedom - Smaller Costs

As a specialist for thermoplastical solutions we have been using gas-injection-technology (GIT) for many years. GIT offers a wide range of advantages: the significant freedom in design, especially for parts with a high wall thickness leads to significant weight and material compensation with shorter cycle times compared to te usual compact parts.

Increased stiffness due to larger structural sections while reducing sink marks at the same time means significant cost reductions for our customers.

Hybrid and Combinative parts

Plastic parts with metal inserts like axles, bushings or stamped bent parts or combinations of thermoplastical plastics - we produce your multi component parts either half or fully automatic, depending on your specific requirements and the economical aspects.

Cost-efficient and flexible

In-mould Labeling (IML) or in-mould decoration (IMD) offers many possibilities regarding surface design. Using this process, it is possible to label parts or add inscription as well as special decorative elements. Parts are produced using the sandwich proces. This means that the carrier material is being injected in between two foils.

Using the same geometrie on different foils allows the simple production of different versions. This is how we realise different deisigns as cost efficient as possible.

Most Reasonable before Serial-Production

Additive production or 3D print can be a usufeul substitution to injection moulding during construction and production of prototypes and design studies.

From Bad Dürrheim into all parts of the world

Our logistical solution is based on a systematic part management. We always deliver parts or assemly groups in the desired lot size and in corresponding packaging.

Maximum Quality

Our plastic parts are precison work according to customer demands. All processes and actions are always directed towards customer value and maximum quality.

This quality management system and our zero-defect philosophie is an integrated factor in our actions and a major factor of our success. Our processes are certified and yearly verified according to IATF 16949:2016, DIN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. We guarantee these compley tasks with a consistent CAQ system.

Our measurement equipment includes the following:

  • CAQ system with multiple testing stations at the production machine   
  • 3D-Measuring Machine (optical and tactile) with movement paths of 1600 mm
  • Digital Measurment microscope
  • Tension Compressing Testing Machine
  • Surface Measurement Technologies for degree of gloss and roughness 
  • Measurement device for residual moisture
  • Gear checker
  • Leak test unit
  • Diverse testing Cameras for 100% Control during production

Certified quality in all procedures and processes

We also docoment our demand to quality through our continuous improvement processes

Your solution is injection molding?

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