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First it's impossible.Then we make it of plastic.

The Tool is the Base for perfect Injection Moulding

High quality tools are compelling for the production of technical demanding injection moulding parts.

We can ensure this by our house internal tool shop. Starting with the data input and the tool construction to the tool building and succeeding sampeling, we offer you everything first handed.

Our tool shop also provides highest quality assembly and rework equipment as well as measurement and testing gauges. Latest production and testing devices build by professionals make our injection moudling first-class.

Tool Building Services

Specialist for Injection Moulding

Since our founding, we have realised multiple thousand tools and have now corresponding knowledge and experience with thermoplastical plastics.

The combination of this experience and our innovative strength with the latest technology of injection moulding puts us in a position to realise projects that seem impossible.

The Perfect Idea to Your Solution

Injected prototypes out of experimental tools produced under close to serial conditions are ideal to gain conclusions for the serial production. For you, this means saving time and cost in the construction and testing phase of your product. Experimental tools also allow the production of smaller lots without rising costs.

When bulding the serial tool, these conclusions will, of course, have a big influence. We also provide the basic processes of prototype production like additive procedures. As our latest investment, we can now offer a 3D printer to gain real and precise impressions quickly and also very cost effective.

Data Flow for Speedy Work

The inclusion of our construction department into the customers data flow is as important as a consistent processing of the 3D data in coorporation with external engeneering bureaus, suppliers and CAM work places during tool creation.

Turnkey-Lösungen im Kunststoff-Spritzguss

Qualified Analysis Ease the Process

Our in-house mould flow analysis makes quick and precice statements about the material flow and the temperature relations in the tool as well as disortion characteristics of the part geometry under considering of the material possible.

These findings always play a major role during the tool construction. Thus this method, we recognize critical areas early on and avoid mistakes, safe time and reduce cost.

Mold-flow-Simulation in der Konstruktion

Latest Techniques for The Latest Tools

In order to produce and process our injection molding tools, we only use the latest techniques and processes.

  • HSC Miling in 3 and 5 axes

  • complex free forming surfaces
  • optical functional areas
  • rational production
  • Graphite Work
    • Works with graphite electrodes
    • Cutter diameter of up to 0,2 mm possible
  • Eroding of complex shaped parts
    • Traverse paths up to 900 mm possible
    • great flexibility schedule reliability are ensured even with last minute changes
  • Grinding and Miling
    • Cylindrical Grinding
    • Laser Miling

Your solution is injection moulding?

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